Young Men’s Shed – Semester 1, 2014

We were proud to have a new group of boys join us this year for our Young Men’s Shed.

The Young Men’s Shed is modelled of similar principles and objectives of Men’s Shed’s that are held for adults in the community and is co-ordinated by the school’s Chaplain, Mrs Winter Westren and run under the banner of our community projects for Baldivis United!

Our objective for this project was to give students an opportunity to develop some practical, hands on, design and technology skills, to have a space where they could rub shoulders with fellow students, build relationships with local community members and contribute in a positive way to the environment.

This year we have had three mentors lead the group. Mr Grahame Niven from the Baldivis Lions Club, Mr Ian Snelling from Masters and Mr John Matthews, our school’s D & T Teacher.

Master’s generously sponsored the project with the materials for this year’s project which was to make bat boxes for the micro bat species who are threatened due to the felling of vast amounts of natural bushland.

Micro bats, though rarely seen play an integral part in our eco system. They are largely responsible for keeping mosquito and insect numbers under control. The bat boxes that were made can become home to around thirty bats.


Proudly sponsored by Masters Baldivis