2019 Booklists and Resources

Personal Item Lists (Book and Stationery Lists)

Booklist and resource items can be purchased through Campion  or other suppliers.

Year 7 Booklist 2019

Year 8 Booklist 2019

Year 9 Booklist 2019

Year 10 Booklist 2019

Year 11 Booklist 2019

Year 12 Booklist 2019


Student BYOD Specifications and Suppliers – Years 7 to 12

BYODs can be purchased through one of the suppliers listed below or a supplier of your choice.

Student BYOD Minimum Technical Specifications

JB Hi-Fi Education Portal  (School Code: BaldivisSC2018)

HP Online Shopping Portal


Additional Information: For any existing student with an iPad, a new device is not necessary; however a keyboard must be purchased for the existing iPad.


Note: The Department of Education provides students with a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus with the new 2016 apps. Click here for more information.