Getting Started in 2015

Welcome to the 2015 school year!  We, at Baldivis Secondary College hope that you have had a relaxing and fun-filled summer.  There are lots of wonderful things planned for this year and we are excited to get going.

Baldivis Secondary College prides itself on being distinctive and unique.  There are a number of initiatives, policies and programs that set us apart from your traditional high schools. We do our best to communicate with parents and keep them informed about what is happening and providing any relevant information as soon as possible.  This communication piece is just one example. Of course we always encourage parents to contact the college with any queries whenever necessary.

We have been tracking well in most of our targets and key focus areas.  However we need to make some improvements in attendance rates.  I would like to encourage parents to support your child’s education in the best possible way by ensuring that they are at school every day and prepared with their required equipment.  It is difficult for students to reach their full potential if they are not attending school every day.

The information contained here should enable you and your child to feel comfortable as we get closer to commencing the school year.  As is always the case at this time of year there are many nervous and excited students. We are keen to keep things as simple as possible to allow students (and parents) to focus on a positive start to the year and build positive relationships with their peers and teachers. Feeling a sense of belonging and community is extremely important to creating a safe and constructive educational environment. Respect is our core value and we begin the very first minute with this in mind.

All the very best for a positive 2015 school year!

Kind regards,


Keith Svendsen



The following information outlines the arrangements for a very busy first week of the 2015 school year!


Opening Day Program

The arrangements for first day of schoolMonday 2 February are as follows:

8.30am Warning Siren –students to assemble at Sports Hall
8.35am – 9.00am Assembly

  • Welcome
  • Students break up in to year groups and from there are allocated to their Registration classes.
9.00am – 9.45am Registration

  • This is where the students will ‘register’ their attendance.  Usually the Registration period runs for 10 minutes but on the first day it will go for longer so that students can receive their timetable and some basic information to get them started.
9.45am onwards Year 7 and 8 Students – Induction Program see belowYear 9 and 10 Students – Normal timetable commences see below



What to Bring on Day 1 and Day 2

For their classes on the first day, students only need to bring the following;

Zipper Pouch or Snaplock bag containing;

2 x Pens

2 x Sharpened Pencils

2 x Highlighters

1 x Eraser

1 x Ruler

Scientific Calculator

USB Flash Drive

 2 x Plastic sleeves

1 x Packet of File Dividers

Personal Device (i.e. iPad or Laptop)


All other equipment purchased from the Personal items List should be kept at home until required.


For more information about how AVID please visit



School Photo’s

On the first day of school all students will receive information about the School Photo Day on Wednesday, 4 February 2015.  Orders can be placed online up until 18 February or via the Front Office using the envelope which students will bring home with them.  Completed envelopes can also be given to the photographers on the day.  However, please note that cash payments will not be accepted.



College Cafeteria

The cafeteria will be fully operational.  If you are able to assist with manning the cafeteria as a volunteer, please let the cafeteria manager know by telephoning Kelly on 0414 879 002


Public Transport

Transperth will be operating additional bus services for those students wishing to travel to and from school by public transport.  Students are encouraged to plan their journey prior to the first day of school using the Journey Planner on the Transperth website.

If this is your child’s first time travelling on public transport visit for tips on travelling to and from school.

From Monday 2 February 2015, new Route 565 will commence a limited service between Baldivis and Warnbro Station which will deviate to Baldivis Secondary College.

New Route 565 (view map)will initially operate two trips per day to serve Baldivis Secondary College. More trips will be introduced in April 2015.

The morning Route 565 will depart Sixty Eight Rd near Martindale at 7.53am

The afternoon Route 565 will depart Warnbro Station at 2.33pmand arrive at Baldivis College at 2.50pm


Mobile Phones and Personal Devices

The college’s policy in relation to the use of mobile phones and other personal devices is simple;

  • Unless the student has been given permission by their classroom teacher, personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones, iPods, iPads, tablets and laptop computers must be switched off and out of sight in class.
  • When not in use, mobile phones must be switched off or on silent at all times on the college grounds.
  • Devices must never be used to take photos or make video or sound recordings, unless under teacher direction.

Should a student contravene school policy resulting in any items being confiscated then parents /carers may have to make an appointment with the Principal retrieve the offending item/s.  To access a full version of the policy please visit our college website;


Administration of Medication to Students

The process for managing the administration of medication to students when they are in the college’s care is outlined below.

Except in an extreme emergency, e.g. unexpected anaphylaxis, medication can only be administered by college staff if appropriate documentation has been completed by parents/carers.  This applies to both prescribed and non-prescribed medication.

Short Term Use of Medication (up to two weeks)

For administration of short term medication such as a course of antibiotics, the college requires written authority from parents/carers.  This authority can be provided by completing an Administration of Medication form. These forms can be obtained by contacting the college on 9523 3600.


  • The medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and provided in packaging from the pharmacy or the manufacturer.
  • Documentation must be signed and dated by a parent or carer and provided to the college with the medication.

Long Term Use of Medication

If you require the college to administer medication to your child for a period of more than two weeks, and if you have not already done so, you need to complete a Student Health Care Summary and a Management/Emergency Response Plan for your child’s particular health need.  In most instances, this documentation will have been completed when you enrolled your child or as part of the college’s process for updating student health care records.  If this is not the case, please discuss with the Student Services Manager.


Parking and Student Drop Off and Pick Up

The college will have specially marked drop off and pick up areas for students, parent parking and bus bays.  Please use the areas along Stillwater Drive to drop off and pick up students.  Students are not to be picked up from within the car park.

Please note that the bay on the southern end of Stillwater Drive in front of the car park is reserved for school buses.

Staff will be supervising the crossing area directly adjacent to the main pedestrian gate and controlling the movement of students across Stillwater Drive.

Visitor bays will be painted in the car park.  We ask that any visitor wishing to park during the course of the day do so in the college’s car park at the southern end.

All visitors must report to Administration upon arrival at the college



Parents are to notify the college of all student absences. The telephone number for the Absentee Line is 9523 3660.

If a student needs to be released early, he/she must bring a note signed by a parent or legal guardian to Student Services prior to third period on the day of the release.  Students returning to school or who arrive to the college after registration must check in at Student Services when they arrive.

Students leaving campus without following the proper will be considered truant from any class/es missed.

Parents:        If you have an emergency during the school day and need to contact your son or daughter, please contact the college on telephone 9523 3600.  Please do not contact your child directly.


Supporting Your Child to Get Organised for High School!

  • Establish a clearly defined area at home for homework and study
  • Decide on the best way to get to and from school
  • Buy your child a watch
  • To help your child get out of ‘holiday’ mode, start getting your child up every morning at a time that will give them plenty of time to get ready for school.
  • Encourage your child to discuss any potential fears or problems and think of ways to solve any causes of anxiety.



Year 7 and 8 Students

Making the jump from primary to secondary school can be a daunting time, both for your child and for you!  It is likely that both you and your child will experience a range of emotions.  This is perfectly normal! High school is a wonderful place for your child to make new friends, learn new skills and eventually make important decisions about their career and future.  There is no doubt high school takes some adjustment, but over time your child will become familiar with the environment, staff and other students.  Over time you too will become familiar with the college.


Induction Program

In the first week, students will be involved in a series of activities and sessions as part of a comprehensive Induction Program.  The activities are designed to provide the essential information students need as they begin their first year of secondary school, as well as getting to know their mew peer group.  As well as attending some of their timetabled classes, students will;

  • Receive their AVID Binder and getting it set up;
  • Set up their BYOD device;
  • Participate in a range of fun activities and workshops which promote teamwork, resilience, positive thinking and problem solving
  • Have their photo ID taken for their My Student Card


Understanding the Timetable

Students are provided with a timetable – similar to a train or bus timetable. It will tell students when each subject is on, in which classroom, and who the teacher will be.

It’s a good idea for students to check their timetable for the next day, the evening before, so they can be sure to pack their bags with everything they will need – such as books, materials, PE uniforms and sporting equipment.  Being prepared for the next school day cuts down on stress for students, especially when they’re settling into their new academic environment.


Year 9 and 10 Students

Year 9 and 10 students will commence their timetable from Period 2 onwards on the first day.  An Induction Program for new students commencing Year 8 or 9 at the college in 2015 will be conducted through the course of the first couple of weeks.  Students will receive their AVID Binder in their first AVID lesson and set up their personal device (iPad or laptop).