My Student Account

What is mystudentaccount?

The mystudentaccount system is an exciting & innovative new tool encouraging healthier eating habits among school and college students.


How it Works…

Students use the school’s existing ID card as a debit card to make purchases within the school. Through the Web Portal, parents can view purchases, set spending limits and dietary or allergy alerts, ban items from sale, and top up the balance on the student account.


Follow these easy steps to set-up your  Online Parent Profile or click here to download instructions.
  1. Go to: and click on “Web Portal Login”
  2. Click: “First Time User” click “I Agree to Terms” and then Next.
  3. Enter: Parent Email address & the password you wish to use, plus required details
  4. Click: “Next” to complete Profile Setup. Open your email to click the Activation Link.
  5. Click: Return to and click “Web Portal Login”
  6. Login: To Web Portal with email and password.
  7. Click: “Add/Edit Accounts” to add your student or students to your profile.
  8. Enter: Description for account at top.
  9. Enter: Start typing School name and select correct School from list
  10. Enter: Enter Student ID Number. (Found on Student ID Card or School Documentation)
  11. Enter: Enter Student Name and DOB
  12. Click: Leave Reference Number and Security Code Search option blank.
  13. Click:  Click “Add New” to add account to profile and repeat for other students.
  14. Click: “Account List” to return to the main accounts page when all students have been added.


Note: If you do not receive your Activation Email from within 30 minutes check your Junk or Spam folders. If still not found contact support on 1300 369783 for Manual Activation.


Adding money to “My Student Account” (Options)

Now you can deposit funds, track all spending and manage your account online, see following:

  1. Go To: and click Web Portal Login.
  2. Click: “Login” using the Username (your email address) and Password you created
  3. Click: The recharge account Icon on the right hand side of the screen
  4. Enter: The $ amount you wish to provide and click “Next”
  5. Enter: Your credit card details (Visa or MasterCard) and follow the prompts. (Note: Credit card deposits take 30 mins before they can be accessed at school by your child.)


  1. Dial: 1300 884 668
  2. Follow: Listen and follow all the voice prompts
  3. Have: You will need you Account Reference Number
  4. ARN: Account Number found in Profile after adding student to Profile


  1. Login: To your personal online banking account and select Bill Payment option
  2. Enter: B-Pay Biller Code – 150706 and the Account Reference Number. (Account Reference Number found in Online Parent Profile as Account Number)
  3. Enter: The $ amount you wish to provide
  4. Click:  “Pay Now” (Note: B-Pay deposits can take up to 3 x banking days before they can be accessed at school by your child at School)


Service Banking fees

When making an Electronic deposit to your Students School Debit Account a Service fee is applied by My Student Account to cover the cost of provisioning the Transfers and supporting the Web Services.  This covers the processing of Credit Card and Bpay transactions and Merchant Fees. The fees have been kept to a minimum and are a modest amount to cover the convenience and Security afforded by the Service. There are no other charges such as Account Keeping Fees. Money is held by the School and Any remaining funds when the student leaves the School are either credited to School Accounts or refunded.

  • Credit Card Deposits:        $2.20 for amounts up to $100.00 and 2.2% for amounts over $100
  • Bpay Deposits:                    $2.20 for amounts up to $100.00 and 2.2% for amounts over $100
  • Phone deposits using the 1300 884668 Automatic Recharge Service incur an extra 25c Fee


Daily Spend Limits

You can select an amount available to spend in the Web Profile by clicking “Add/Edit Accounts” and selecting an account to edit.


Allergy Alerts

Messages can be created to alert Canteen Staff of any specific Allergies or more general messages such as “Only for use on Fridays” This is also done in Add Edit Accounts and clicking next to go through features


Banning Items from Sale

You can select specific items to be made unavailable for sale in Editing Accounts. Click “Add Prohibited Item and select an item from the list.


Low Balance Alert

You can specify an amount when the system will send a Low Balance Email. Note: If reset to zero you will not receive emails.