Parent FAQ’s

I am very worried about my child who will be 12 years old when they arrive at the school being on the same site as 18 year olds. How will this be managed at the college?
This spread of ages has actually existed over many years on high school sites with few problems. The school does however provide a structure where students have a safe place that is supervised by duty teachers for their year group throughout the day. Students also have access to Year Leaders to provide support should they feel uncomfortable in this way.

I am the parent of a student in Year 8 in 2015. I am concerned that my child will be lost in the transition process as all of the energy will be placed into year 7 students. What will happen for Year 8 students?
Baldivis Secondary College has committed to allocate resources to provide a seamless transition process for all students. Each year group will have their own information evenings, orientation days, access to Year Leaders and so on. It is important to us that all students new to the school are supported in their transition.

Can I visit the school to see what things are like?
Yes. Staff are available upon request to show parents what the school has to offer and provides group tours at given times throughout the school year. Please feel free to contact the College Administration to book a suitable time.

My child has a disability. Will there be a special transition process for my child?
Yes. Our Student Services team liaises closely with Primary Schools to provide a smooth transition in these circumstances. If you are at all concerned about this process, please request an appointment with us during 2014 so the needs of your child can be adequately met.


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