School of Instrumental Music

Students enrolled in the School of Instrumental Music (SIM) program have the opportunity to take part in a state-wide program which offers weekly instrumental music lessons to selected students, given by a SIM instrumental specialist teacher. These lessons are a fantastic way to access curriculum which would otherwise be difficult to provide in this area. Baldivis Secondary College students are offered places in Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Low Brass, Percussion, Guitar and Bass Guitar. Students enrolled in this program are given extra performance opportunities within the school and the community, and also have the opportunity to join the Baldivis Secondary College Concert Band, whereby they can mentor primary aged students also on their instrumental music journey.



All School of Instrumental Music students are required to be enrolled in the Instrumental Class Music course at school.  This course runs all year.  In Year 8 this course satisfies the requirement to study a course from within the Arts.

Instrumental Class Music

Students enrolled in Instrumental Class Music undertake theoretical and practical study of music through the ages, from the early Renaissance period through to rap and dub step. Focusing primarily on the genres of classical, jazz, rock and pop music, students engage in composition and arranging tasks, building from the foundation of simple harmonic structures to more advanced compositional devices. Students also undertake extensive aural study, building their ear-training, which in turn improves their practical performance. Aural study comprises of melodic interval training as well as rhythmic and melodic dictation of given musical motifs.
The performance component of this course involves students practising their collaboration skills as they prepare at least one solo or ensemble piece for an end of semester performance.


General Music

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