Year 10

Year 10 Tutorial is a one period a week opportunity for students to plan for senior school pathways. Throughout Term 1 and 2 students will learn about Senior School Courses, WACE and post school opportunities, culminating in Course Selections for Yr 11 and 12. In Semester 2, students will be placed into Tutorial classes which match their Senior School Pathways. Students will be given guidance in appropriate pathway choices, learning skills in resume writing, interview skills, Work Readiness Packages or ATAR preparation courses.


Year 11 and 12

Year 11 and 12 Tutorial classes provide support for students in their General and ATAR Pathways, providing an interim level of care in tracking student success. The one hour a week Tutorial class provides opportunities for presentations from external agencies, such as Universities, to help prepare students for the opportunities that exist in the post school destinations.