Year 10 Child Care

The Year 10 Child Care course is an introduction into caring for children and students will study a range of different topics to give them a broad overview of Child Development. This course is a theoretical based course with practical components included and students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the developing child using research skills and hands on experience.

Students will study a variety of different topics such as reproduction, prenatal development and childbirth, contraception, sexual health and teen parenting, the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children. The course also includes a focus on families, positive play environments and the requirements needed to work with children.






Students may continue their education and training into the Year 11 and 12 courses of Food Science and Technology (General) or  the Certificate II in Hospitality. These courses are a good preparation for all further pathways into food and hospitality industries and interests.

Children, Family and the Community is offered as a General course in Years 11 and 12. This course is good preparation for this pathway.