Dear Parents/Caregivers

Baldivis Secondary College uses an automated system (Consent2Go) which provides positive advancements in areas such as camp and excursion planning incorporating high quality risk management during such activities. This system ensures that there is clear and consistent communication between the college and parents/caregivers to ensure that optimum care is provided for all of our students.

Consent2Go is an integrated system which allows parents/caregivers and the College to record health information about students in an accurate, secure and timely manner and provide numerous benefits, including online excursion approvals and payments, risk management, and online permissions for school activities.   

Within you will receive an email from the college, with instructions, asking you to provide your child’s current health information.  While some of this will be similar to information that you have previously provided, it is important that we have the most up to date health information about your child.  Once you have completed this initial process, the ease and convenience of this online solution will begin to provide real advantages and time savings for parents and guardians.  Ongoing medical updates, and the provision of permission to attend camps and excursions, will be user-friendly and efficient.

Yours sincerely


Karen Illich

Manager Corporate Services

Baldivis Secondary College


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