The Student Services Team

The Student Services Team is made up of the following staff:

James Sammut Student Services Manager Year 7-8
Clem Evans Student Services Manager Year 9-10
Rosie Taylor Student Services Manager Year 11-12
Craig Thompson Year 12 Coordinator
Mellisa Braddock Year 11 Coordinator
Jillian D’Souza Year 10 Coordinator
Duncan Finlay Year 9 Coordinator
Emma Blakemore Year 8 Coordinator
Alaska Daly Year 7 Coordinator
Paris Duffield School Officer
Angela Cowgill Student Support Officer / Defence School Mentor
Leigh McIntosh Youth Worker
Cathy McGuire Student Support Coordinator
Deb Ballard SEN Engagement and Attendance
Penny Scanlan Student Support Officer
Jessica McKenzie School Psychologist
Heidi Thompson Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer
Michelle Blake-Haskell Chaplain
Sarah Williams Nurse
Louise Dyson Nurse