Our Staff

We have appointed enthusiastic and passionate staff who are committed to providing an appropriate environment in which all members of the college community can succeed and thrive.  Each brings with them a committed and innovative approach to create a positive and respectful community for the young people of Baldivis.

To contact members of staff you can either telephone the main reception on (08) 9523 3600 or send an email to baldivis.sc@education.wa.edu.au

Staff Photo at the Year 11 Dinner Dance 2016


Alison Parolo Principal
Erin BakerDeputy Principal - Year 7
Justine ColeDeputy Principal - Years 11 & 12
Vicki ForthDeputy Principal - Years 8
Amanda LetchDeputy Principal - Year 9 & 10
Gail BrennanReceptionist
Nicole BlakeExecutive Assistant
Paris DuffieldSchool Officer
Tracy GschwendtnerMarketing & Media
Tanya KorjanHR & Relief Coordinator
Raelyne HumphreysEnrolments
Gary IllichFacilities Manager
Cathy JonesSchool Officer - Finance
Sarah MartinSchool Officer Year 9 & 10
Annette MalazianAccounts Receivable
Cara MaxwellPurchasing/Accounts
Cathy McGuireStudent Attendance Officer
David MalazianGroundsmen
Rachael O'NeillSchool Officer Year 11 & 12
Kiefer SvendsenGroundsmen
Library Services
Linda GordonLibrary Officer
Kristy CorbishleyCurriculum Team Leader - The Arts
Katie BarlowTeacher - Arts
Joanne BranchTeacher- Arts
Peter ChengTeacher - Arts
Frank HobbsTeacher- Arts
Joanne HopkinsTeacher- Arts
Tyffanie JohnsonTeacher- Arts & Home Economics
Caen NewlandTeacher- Arts
Michael SurjanTeacher - Arts
Tristan WardTeacher- Arts
Curriculum Support
Amy StewartCurriculum Support Manager
Simon PurcellCoordinator Autism Program
Sarah Ah QuineEducation Assistant
Michelle BakerEducation Assistant
Debbie BallardEducation Assistant
Janene CardwellEducation Assistant
Angela CowgillEducation Assistant
Helen FilipekEducation Assistant
Keegan FilipekEducation Assistant
Alison FosterEducation Assistant
Leanne GavinEducation Assistant
Stacey LackEducation Assistant
Autism SLP
Emilie LewisTeacher Autism SLP
Roy LillimagiEducation Assistant
Autism SLP
Kay LongdenAutism SLP/Literacy Support
Dianne McLeanEducation Assistant
Nicole MinchinEducation Assistant
Autism SLP
Bethan NewmanEducation Assistant
Michelle NewmanEducation Assistant
Ranae ParkesEducation Assistant
Hayley PracasEducation Assistant
Autism SLP
Joanne RoadhouseEducation Assistant
Tracey SimpsonEducation Assistant
Emma-Lee SmithEducation Assistant
Andy SmithEducation Assistant
Debra SteeleEducation Assistant
Deone TealeEducation Assistant
Bridget ThorleyEducation Assistant
Autism SLP
Jade TurnerEducation Assistant
Tammy WilliamsEducation Assistant
James WilsonTeacher Autism SLP
Angela TeasdaleCurriculum Team Leader - English
Tara ArmstrongTeacher - English & Year 8 Co-ordinator
Frank Baden-PowellTeacher - English
Cameron BellottiTeacher English
Brendan FallonTeacher - English
Jorji PowerTeacher - English
Nicholas LatellaTeacher English
Angela LuveraTeacher - English
Jessica ParkerTeacher - English
Guga RajaTeacher - English
Samantha SaundersTeacher - English
Malkeet Singh Teacher - English
Christopher StephensonTeacher - English
Abby StevensTeacher - English
Johnathon SweeneyTeacher - English
Dean WallaceTeacher - English
Jacob Wehr-MurphyTeacher - English
Laura AndersonTeacher - HASS
Natasha CheaterCurriculum Team Leader - HASS
Emma BlakemoreTeacher - HASS & Year 11 Co-ordinator
Todd BrennanTeacher - HASS
Carla Da TrindadeTeacher - HASS
Jacob DoddsTeacher - HASS
Brayden EdwardsTeacher - HASS
Alison FlockhartTeacher - HASS
Johannah FrancTeacher - HASS
Hannah GrobbelaarTeacher - HASS
Tessa HarrisTeacher - HASS
Scott JohnstonTeacher - HASS
Joel KriegerTeacher - HASS
Bronagh LeggeTeacher - HASS
Jane LoncarTeacher - HASS
Ashley LloydTeacher - HASS
Aimee MartinTeacher - HASS
Petra StolzeTeacher - HASS
Emma-Jane WescottTeacher - HASS
Health & Phys Ed.
Kris KennnedyCurriculum Team Leader - HPE
Marvin AlvarengaTeacher - HPE
Claire BakerTeacher HPE & Year 12 Co-ordinator
Steph GibsonTeacher - HPE
Andrew HealeyTeacher - HPE
Zac HunterTeacher - HPE
Kelly LanglandsTeacher - HPE
Emilie LewisTeacher - HPE
Joshua MorrisTeacher - HPE
Zac MowatTeacher - HPE
Emily SharpTeacher - HPE
James SammutTeacher HPE & Year 8 Co-ordinator
Cassie SummersTeacher - HPE
Andrew SummertonTeacher - HPE
Jennifer TomlinTeacher - HPE
Brandon TrussTeacher - HPE
Payton VaughanTeacher - HPE
Belinda MillerCurriculum Team Leader - Mathematics
Amy BellTeacher - Mathematics
Michael BroadTeacher - Mathematics
Emily DixonTeacher - Mathematics
Clem EvansTeacher- Mathematics & Year 10 Co-ordinator
Umberto GargaroTeacher - Mathematics
Jade GregoryTeacher - Mathematics
Sarah JamesTeacher - Mathematics
Stephanie KeenTeacher - Mathematics
Adam MorganTeacher - Mathematics
Sheila MoodleyTeacher - Mathematics
Tony NguyenTeacher - Mathematics
Magdeline ParlevlietTeacher - Mathematics
Travis PowerTeacher - Mathematics
Joanne RustTeacher - Mathematics
Hamilton StottTeacher - Mathematics
Brad SummersTeacher - Mathematics
Coralee WestphalTeacher - Mathematics
Jodie WildingTeacher - Mathematics
Mellisa Braddock-HaynesTeacher - Science
Hannah BowdenTeacher - Science
Cruise BrandonLaboratory Technician
Damian BullerTeacher - Science
Earl ClarkeTeacher - Science
Katy CrossleyTeacher - Science
Alaska DalyTeacher - Science
Lisa GattusoTeacher - Science
Emma GuestTeacher - Science & Year 7 Co-ordinator
Ben MattioliTeacher - Science
Alana SummerhayesCurriculum Team Leader & Teacher - Science
Craig ThompsonTeacher - Science & Year 9 Co-ordinator
Jessica WilkinsTeacher - Science
Rebecca ReevesLaboratory Technician
Jessica ShepleyTeacher - Science
Terri StaiteLaboratory Technician
John MatthewsTechnologies - Curriculum Team Leader
Johan BesterTeacher - Technologies
Laura ClarkTeacher - Technologies
Shareen EmmsFood Technology Assistant
Andrew GlendenningTeacher - Technologies
Ebony GranridgeTeacher - Technologies
Kaila HarrisonTeacher - Technologies
Greg HartTeacher - Technologies
Phil HullandTeacher - Technologies
Casey MayTeacher - Technologies
Tamara SheldonTeacher - Technologies
Michelle SimpsonTeacher - Technologies
Bonnie SvendsenTeacher - Technologies
John WarrenTeacher - Technologies
Corinne DouglasFood Technology Assistant
Kirsty Farrance-BallFood Technology Assistant
Sheila WilkinsonFood Technology Assistant
Senior School
Heather RetsonSenior School Support
Tania ByrnesVET/WPL Manager
Nicolle HoweVET/WPL Support
Jodie CornhillVET Officer
Student Services
Rosie TaylorStudent Services Manager Year 10-12
Angela CowgillDefence Force Mentor
Allison EdwardsChaplain
Paris DuffieldSchool Officer
Rita LustedAboriginal Cultural Officer
Leigh McintoshYouth Worker
James SammutStudent Services Manager Year 7-9
Vanessa BirkinshawSchool Psychologist
Louise DysonNurse
Sarah WilliamsNurse
Year Coordinators
Tara ArmstrongYear Coordinator - Year 8
Clare BakerYear Coordinator - Year 12
Emma BlakemoreYear Coordinator - Year 11
Clem EvansYear Coordinator - Year 10
Emma Guest Year Coordinator -Year7
Craig Thompson Year Coordinator - Year 9