Remote Learning Support Hub

Teaching and learning for our BSC community may start to look different.  Students may be at home, and supervised by their parents.  We will need to utilise different, flexible learning methods, including technology-enabled tools to deliver differently for our students.

Underneath, the fundamentals of teaching and learning will stay the same. Importantly our focus will remain on caring for our students, and supporting their engagement and learning growth. Our aspiration is that their achievement will not be disrupted by the changes we’re facing and that each of them will continue to have the opportunity to be the best that they can be.  Irrespective of the situation, our College is founded on a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning.


The Remote Learning Support Hub

Remote learning is a complex balance of online content and physical interaction with content that is not delivered on a computer screen. Similarly to in a face to face environment, effective learning depends on good relationships between teachers, students, parents and their communities.  The Remote Learning Support Hub is designed to support parents, students and teachers to navigate the world of remote learning positively, proactively and with purpose.


The information is separated into three main sections with specific information and support materials for student, teachers and parents.