Good Standing

In a nutshell, “good standing” refers to a student’s status, based on their attendance, behaviour, commitment to their studies, adherence to school rules, and overall conduct within the school community. More specifically this means students demonstrating:

    • Respectful Conduct: Treating peers, teachers, and staff with kindness, consideration, and respect.
    • Positive Behavior: Engaging in actions that promote a safe and supportive learning environment.
    • Responsibility: Taking ownership of one’s actions and contributing positively to the school community.
    • Adherence to Rules: Complying with school policies, guidelines, and behavioural expectations.

The levels of attendance, achievement and conduct we expect to see from students not only fosters a positive educational experience for everyone involved, they are all behaviours which would be reasonably expected in any workplace, in any organisation.

Providing appropriate pathways for all students and preparing students for their post-school life is important to us.

It is acknowledged that some students will struggle to meet Good Standing requirements. We understand that adolescence is a difficult time and that is why the individual needs, circumstances and abilities of students are considered when applying the Good Standing Policy. 

Year Coordinators know their students best and they are there to help students to meet the levels of attendance, achievement and conduct that will support success at school and ensure students have access to the full range of available pathways. If students do not meet the Good Standing requirements, they have the opportunity to establish a plan with their case manager or year coordinator that is focused on improvement.

Good Standing Policies

Whilst the good standing policies are very similar, the Senior School Good Standing Policy is aligned to the requirements of the Western Australian Certificate of Education, while the Year 7 to 10 policy focuses on developing the academic and personal attributes proven to support success at school and in the transition to life after school.