Curtin UniReady Enabling Program

At Baldivis Secondary College, our vision is to provide a high-quality school experience for each and every student that promotes learning and wellbeing, and equips them with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to achieve personal excellence in all they do and be the best that they can be.

We are excited to be able to offer our Year 12 university-aspirant students the opportunity to participate in the Curtin UniReady Enabling Course; a program bridges the gap between secondary and tertiary education, preparing students not just academically, but mentally and emotionally for the rigours of university life.

It’s a chance to gain essential skills, bolster confidence, and get a tangible feel of university-style learning within our school’s supportive environment. This partnership embodies our commitment to ensuring every student is well-equipped for the next big step in their educational journey.


What is it?

The Curtin UniReady Enabling Program is an alternate entry to university pathway run by Curtin University. It provides a pathway for students who have the drive and self-motivation into selected courses at Curtin University.

The UniReady Enabling Program is usually only available to students directly through Curtin University; however, Baldivis Secondary College and Curtin University have entered into a partnership that allows us to deliver the UniReady in Schools Program to Year 12 students at Baldivis Secondary College.

If completed successfully, it will provide students with a notional ATAR of 70 and English competency (Curtin’s minimum entry requirements for undergraduate courses). Students will then be eligible to apply for selected Curtin University undergraduate courses. Details of these university courses can be accessed on the Curtin University website.

The UniReady in Schools Program has been approved as an Endorsed Program. This means it will contribute to a student’s WACE, as well as providing entry to Curtin University.



Before being accepted for entry into the Curtin UniReady in Schools Program at Baldivis Secondary College, students must meet certain academic pre-requisites:

  • For ATAR Pathway students: Mostly C grades in Year 11 ATAR courses.
  • For General Pathway students: Mostly B grades, and 60% or above in English.



The total cost of participation in the Curtin UniReady Program is $85 per unit/$340 in total.
Payment plans are available.


How to apply?

  1. Complete UniReady Application Form.
  2. Provide evidence of recent academic achievement (for example school reports, certificates, awards)
  3. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed, and you will be advised of the outcome.


Student Information Booklet

  • Click here to access the Curtin UniReady Student Information Booklet


For more information:

Clare Baker | Pathways Coordinator
BSC UniReady in Schools Coordinator

Pathways Centre, Baldivis Secondary College

Telephone: 08 9523 3600