Standing Together Against Violence

Violence is a complex community issue and we all want it to stop. Our school should be a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. Our school staff work with our communities to foster and maintain a culture of positive behaviour, respect and unity, and address any incidents of violence.  

On 17 July 2023, Education Minister Dr Tony Buti today released an updated action plan, Standing Together Against Violence, with additional support and resources for public schools to prevent and respond to violent, aggressive or threatening behaviour. The plan builds on previous initiatives and creates greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in the school community to counter violence.


Comments attributed to Education Minister Tony Buti:

“We need to ensure our schools are safe places for learning and protect our teaching staff in their workplace from any form of violence.

“Schools cannot solve this on their own. The full support of parents, carers and the wider school community is needed to address the issue of violence.

“This updated 10-point plan provides additional resources and guidance to assist schools prevent and respond to aggressive and violence behaviour.

“Student behaviour is strongly influenced by the way adults conduct themselves.  This plan focuses on engagement and encouraging everyone in the school community to play their part, lead by example and contribute to a culture that doesn’t tolerate any form of violence.

“Fundamentally, our schools are a reflection of our local communities. We all share a personal responsibility of how to behave in the community and we equally need to demonstrate the same level of respect and caring in our schools.

“Building trusting and transparent relationships between schools and families is key to preventing school violence. This package strengthens these partnerships and sharing the responsibility of keeping our schools safe.


Minister’s statement on how families can help keep schools safe

Read the Ministers statement.