Parents seeking to enrol their child at Baldivis Secondary College need to complete an Expression of Interest for Enrolment – Form A (available in hard copy form upon request from the Enrolments Office; Telephone 9523 3600).


In completing the Expression of Interest you will also be required to provide evidence that you reside within the local intake area for Baldivis Secondary College.  If you are submitting the form electronically, you will need to also need to include scanned copies of documented evidence to support the application.  Applications cannot be considered until such time as documented evidence is provided to the college.

Completed applications can be hand delivered to the college reception or posted to:

Enrolments Office
Baldivis Secondary College
Stillwater Drive
Baldivis, WA, 6171


The Enrolment Process

Enrolment in a public school is a two-step process. Parents first lodge an Expression of Interest for Enrolment [Form A] with the school, along with proof of residence and other documentation.  If the college is in a position to offer your child a placement, you will be provided with an Enrolment Package and an Student Enrolment Form [Form B].  The enrolment is not formalised until this documentation has been processed.


Local Intake Area

A large number of students are enrolled at Baldivis Secondary College and this places considerable stress on college resources such as classrooms, specialist rooms, computing rooms, library and toilets. For this reason the Department of Education has designated Baldivis Secondary College as a local intake school.  To check if you are in the local intake area for the college, visit http://www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsonline/home.do

Click here to view the local intake area for Baldivis Secondary College.


Application and Eligibility

Enrolment is entirely dependent upon the residential address of the applicant at the time the enrolment commences.  Continual enrolment at Baldivis Secondary College is not assured where a family (student) changes residence to outside the local intake area.  To assist the school to determine the student’s eligibility under local intake, the following documentation needs to be attached to the Expression of Interest:

  • Proof of ownership of the property by the parent/s where the student will reside. This may be a current rates notice from the local council.
  • Where the family is in a rental property, a copy of the rental agreement (minimum 12 months).

Applicants should provide further pieces of evidence (minimum of 3) to confirm their residential address. These may include:

  • Power – connection or account
  • Gas – connection or account
  • Telephone accounts
  • Contents Insurance
  • Any other official documents that may support the application as proof of residence

Additional documents that are required include:

  • A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate if born in Australia; or
  • Passports of the parents and the student if born overseas.  Parents are required to notify the school of any changes to a student’s Citizenship, i.e. current Visa sub Class when changing from Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident or where a student becomes an Australian Citizen.  A copy of this documentation is required for our records.

It is also a requirement that all the information provided is accurate.


English Competence

Students wishing to enrol who have received instruction outside Australia will need to demonstrate fluency in Standard Australian English on enrolment. Courses in English as an Additional Language or Dialect (English as a Second Language) are available for eligible students and applicants needing further language development may be referred to an Intensive English Centre or a specialised senior campus.



A birth certificate or extract of birth certificate or passport must be provided with the application for enrolment as proof of age. Only in very exceptional circumstances, and only with the permission of the Principal, will a student be placed in a group that does not correspond to his or her age group.


Cancellation of Enrolment

Parents are reminded that under the Education Act 1999, the Principal may cancel the enrolment was obtained by giving false or misleading information; or notice of changes have not been provided about the names and usual place of residence of the child, parents, or about any provisions in force at law for the long term and day to day care, welfare and development of a child (ss 16,17,20 School Education Act 1999).



Siblings are not assured enrolment at the school where the family is residing outside the school boundary at the time of the sibling’s enrolment.


Overseas Students

Students who were born overseas must be Australians citizens or hold an appropriate visa before enrolling at the school. For overseas students who are in Australia using an entry visa it is necessary that we sight the passport and visa of the parent – primary visa holder – and student at this time. These should be submitted at the time of the application.


Specialised Autism Learning Program

Baldivis Secondary College offers a Specialised Autism Learning Program to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Years 7-12 to achieve their academic goals. The evidence-based program reflects academic research and is supported by the School of Special Educational Needs; Disability (SSEND).  Students eligible for this program have the academic potential to participate and achieve success in mainstream schooling and beyond. Although, they are at risk of underachieving or disengaging due to communication and/or social competency barriers preventing full access to the curriculum.