Specialised Autism Learning Program

Baldivis Secondary College offers a Autism Specialised Learning Program to support students with ASD in Years 7-12 to achieve their academic goals. The evidence-based program reflects academic research and is supported by the School of Special Educational Needs; Disability (SSEND).

Students eligible for this program have the academic potential to participate and achieve success in mainstream schooling and beyond. These students may be at risk of underachieving or disengaging due to communication and/or social competency barriers preventing full access to the curriculum.

The Autism Specialised Learning Program focuses on achieving positive academic, behavioural, social and emotional outcomes for each student to maximise independence and access to further education and successful employment. Each student’s program is based on their unique goals, strengths and needs and encourages the exploration and development of each student’s talents and interests to complement their secondary schooling experience. The curriculum is tailored to meet the learning needs of each individual and is responsive to the student’s, family and community needs.

An important feature of the Autism Specialised Learning Program is the dedicated specialised area, which is an accessible, comfortable, supportive and safe place for students to access learning opportunities both structured and unstructured during class and break times. An outdoor courtyard which the students have been involved in designing provides an outdoor learning space as well as a safe, supportive environment for students in the program to relax and socialise.

The program is supported by a Program Coordinator and two specialist teachers experienced in working with students with Autism, as well a team of experienced Education Assistants who work collaboratively throughout the college to promote learning for each student across three settings; the mainstream secondary school setting, the homeroom setting and within the broader college community.


Student Selection and Application

Entry to the Autism Specialised Learning Program for Students with autism spectrum disorder is determined by an independent panel that convenes in Week 10 of Term 2 of each year.

The program is designed and resourced to provide for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Eligibility for enrolment in Western Australian public schools in Year 7 to Year 12;
  • A multi-disciplinary diagnosis of ASD without accompanying intellectual impairment (Reports from a Pediatrician, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist);
  • The ability to work at or near year level academic standard. This will include students on ATAR/WACE/VET pathways;
  • Difficulties with social, emotional and/or behavioural issues and challenges directly related and attributable to the impact of ASD;
  • Independent self-management of personal care requirements;
  • Exemption from local intake zones.


Enrolment Packages

Entry places into the Specialised Autism Learning Program at Baldivis Secondary College are limited.  

Please direct any enquiries to baldivis.sc.admissions@education.wa.edu.au