Year 10 Dance

In Year 10, Dance students continue to extend their use of the elements of dance (BEST) and choreographic processes to expand their choreographic intentions in their choreography. They extend their technical dance skills to include style-specific movement skills.

Through performance, students continue to work on confidence, accuracy, clarity of movement and projection. They refine their discussion of the use of the elements of dance, choreographic processes and design concepts in their own dance and the dance of others. They investigate dance and influences of the social, cultural and historical contexts in which it exists.

Safe dance practices underlie all experiences, as students perform within their own body capabilities and work safely in groups.

Students will study the genres of Contemporary, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance, Jazz & Musical Theatre and Hip Hop. Students will experience real-world industry skills through a fast paced Audition Process task.



Desired prerequisite:  A “C”  grade or better in Year 9 Dance and English.



The Year 10 Dance course can lead to possible Senior School options..