Year 10 Food Technology (Catering)

Food Technology – Catering empowers the students to enhance their skills and knowledge from the previous units and apply this to real life situations. Students begin with Sharing food with friends. This involves learning the principles of meal planning, focusing on the modern menu and the types of dishes that they would see when dining out with friends. The students will also get the opportunity to develop their international taste buds with the investigation of foods from all over the world. They will also learn how cultural factors can influence food and how it relates to Australia as a multi-cultural society. At the end of the course students will investigate, devise, produce and evaluate their own special occasion cake.

By the end of this course students will have a greater knowledge of processes that are performed in industry situations such as cafes, restaurants and patisseries which will give them the skillset for a head start if they are to follow the hospitality career path.