Year 10 Science

In Year 10 students explore systems at different scales and connect microscopic and macroscopic properties to explain phenomena. Students explore the biological, chemical, geological and physical evidence for different theories, such as the theories of natural selection and the Big Bang. Atomic theory is developed to understand relationships within the periodic table. Understanding motion and forces are related by applying physical laws. Relationships between aspects of the living, physical and chemical world are applied to systems on a local and global scale and this enables students to predict how changes will affect equilibrium within these systems.

The order and detail in which the content descriptions are organised into teaching/learning programs are decisions to be made by the teacher.

At Baldivis Secondary College  the science curriculum is tailored to suit the individual pathway the student has chosen. Those wishing to advance towards tertiary entrance will find themselves exposed to high level concepts in preparation for the ATAR courses in Year 11 and 12. For example students will learn about the complex relationships between scalar and vector quantities, writing and balancing chemical equations, mole theory calculations, advanced biological system interrelationships e.g. gene engineering and creation and expansion of the universe and our place within it. It is expected that students wanting to enter an ATAR science pathway in year 11 will have achieved a minimum B grade at this level.

Students who are working toward tafe entry and or the workplace will experience a curriculum that has a practical real world feel that they can directly relate to the world around them. For example students will investigate the forces that make objects move, industrial chemical processes such as biodiesel production and rust protection, the big bang theory and creation of the universe and the role of DNA and how it explains their physical characteristics.

There are general science courses in year 11 and 12 for those students who are not university bound but still have a keen interest in the sciences.