Year 7 Science


In Year 7, students explore the diversity of life on Earth and continue to develop their understanding of the role of classification in ordering and organising information. They use and develop models such as food chains, food webs and the water cycle to represent and analyse the flow of energy and matter through ecosystems and explore the impact of changing components within these systems. They consider the interaction between multiple forces when explaining changes in an object’s motion. They explore the notion of renewable and non-renewable resources and consider how this classification depends on the timescale considered. They investigate relationships in the Earth, sun, moon system and use models to predict and explain events. Students make accurate measurements and control variables to analyse relationships between system components and explore and explain these relationships through increasingly complex representations.

At Baldivis Secondary College, students will investigate the force of gravity, take an in depth look at the water cycle and what we can do to conserve precious resource as well as the chemical composition of solutions and the impact humans have on the local Baldivis ecosystem. One of the highlights of the year for the student is the colleges’ science fair where students from all over the school get to design, carry out and present their own investigation to the school and broader community.


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