Year 8 Food Technology

Students will study food as an essential need for the function of the human body and its relationship with good health, focusing on the role of fruit and vegetables, a range of nutrients and the importance of healthy diet.    Students will continue to be involved in the development of the College’s Kitchen Garden and incorporating sustainability into the planning of recipes.

Year 8 Food Technology introduces students to range of savoury and sweet foods for all occasions.  Students will investigate what ingredients are essential when producing a savoury and sweet food item, how to match foods with each other and how to improve the health value of food.  Students will have the opportunity to work individually and in teams to plan and produce a suitable two course meal and savoury and sweet foods for a special event.

Students will learn through developing their practical skills and being exposed to a range of food items.  They will prepare a variety of recipes using a number of different cooking methods, including baking, grilling and frying and begin to develop skills in the kitchen which will support further Food Technology study.