Year 7 Health and Physical Education

It is vital that we immediately engage our new students in a variety of activities that incorporate building a sense of team as well as promote movement/skill development. It is in these formative stages at high school that we can provide a platform and expose our new arrivals to the wonderful HPE programs we have and the high class facilities we have available here at BSC. This year the Year 7 cohort will cover the following sports; Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Athletics, Gymnastics and Multi-Sport (team/fun games) geared toward maximum participation and improving their interpersonal skills.

In Health Studies, the program is aligned to health topics, adhering to the Australian Curriculum as well as the needs of Year 7 student who are. Students are provided with key focus areas such as Safety/Mental Health (communication skills), Relationships and Sexuality (healthy relationships, puberty, hygiene), Drug Awareness (safe use of medicines, caffeine and analgesics, minimising harm and Nutrition and Physical Activity (body mechanics, healthy eating and injury management).