About Us



Baldivis Secondary College is a new and vibrant learning community. It is founded on the basic principle of respect. Respect underpins each initiative and interaction within our community.


The pillars upon which we build our culture are:


  • Excellence

    Students and staff are expected to achieve personal excellence in all they do. Each individual will perform to the best of their ability and in doing so attain their level of excellence.


  • Knowledge

    Students will aim to become informed and positive contributors to our world.  Our students will be provided with an opportunity to draw upon a wealth of knowledge to enjoy and share with others.


  • Integrity

    To be the best that one can be requires a high level of honesty and to approach learning and life having strong moral principles.


  • Unity

    Our learning community is dynamic and exciting. Each individual has strengths to share and works positively together to achieve greater outcomes.