Transitioning to High School

The move from primary to secondary school is a major milestone for your child. It’s a time of big changes in their development, education and life. Secondary school provides opportunities to challenge your child and to develop the valuable skills they will take into adulthood.

You can have confidence that your child’s future is in good hands at Baldivis Secondary College. We are committed to ensuring we are giving our students the education that industries will need, and the skills that employers will expect them to have.


The Year 7 Program

From the beginning of Year 7, learning is organised into separate courses that are taught by specialist teachers. Your child may not be in the same classroom, or with the same group of students, throughout the day.

Our Year 7 program is designed to expose students to a broad range of learning experiences across all curriculum areas.


Important Dates

Friday, 22 July 2016 – Form A Documentation Due


Easing the Transition

 The more informed and involved you are in your child’s preparation, the more likely it is that the transition will be positive.  From day one your child will experience many changes, each of which will bring questions and new things to do:

  • more subjects and teachers
  • more homework
  • more challenging school work
  • the responsibility of getting to classes in different rooms on time
  • the need to manage themselves, their learning and their equipment
  • using lockers and carrying books between classes
  • adapting to different teaching styles
  • having no ‘home’ classroom (although many schools have a designated area for Year 7 students including one large multipurpose classroom where a team of teachers will work with the students).

With the help of family and school staff, students usually adapt quickly to their new environment.


Transition Programs

We work very closely with our partner primary schools to make transition easier. Our transition program includes:

  • student talks at their old primary school
  • secondary school teachers’ talks or introductory lessons at primary schools
  • Year 6 visits to secondary schools
  • buddy systems at secondary schools, teaming older and younger students.


Orientation Days

As part of the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, students will have the opportunity to participate in an Orientation Day.  At the orientation day, your child will:

  • tour the school
  • meet teachers and ask questions
  • find out about the dress code
  • learn what they will be doing in their first year
  • meet other students.


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Through good planning and effective communication, we will ensure that your child’s needs are met in this year of a double intake of new students.

Through good planning and effective communication, we will ensure that your child’s needs are met in this year of a double intake of new students.