Student FAQ’s

Are you allowed to switch subjects whenever you want?
No. In Years 7 and 8 students complete a set course. All students study Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Studies, Physical Education, Indonesian, Integrated Arts Design and Technology and Food Technology. In the second year of secondary school, students can nominate which elective courses they would like to pursue.

Does high school go for 5 hours or 6 hours?
The school day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.40pm.

Do you still have little desks?
Yes! However in Science and in the Arts the desks are purpose built for the activities students will be undertaking.

How many classrooms are there?
All up there are about 50 classrooms, although most students will only have 8 to 10 different classrooms at any one time.

How many subjects are there?
All students study Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Studies, Physical Education,  AVID and Integrated Arts Design and Technology and Food Technology.

Are you allowed to use tablets?
All Year 7, 8 and 9 students are asked to purchase an iPad for use at school each day. The also has banks of iPads available for students use.

Can you wear sweaters over the college polo shirt?
No. Students are required to wear the college jumper or jacket at all times, including on the way to and from school.

Is high school as hard as they say?
The work is challenging but with effort and commitment it is possible to achieve good results. Teachers aim to provide a curriculum which is well within each student’s reach.

Is it very strict?
Like all schools, the college has rules but all are designed to ensure that students have the very best opportunity to achieve to their full potential.

Is the school as big as it looks?
The college is big!! It is state of the art facility with specialist arts, science, food, design and technology, computing and physical education facilities. The college is well sign-posted, it is easy to find your way around and everyone is very helpful.

Do you have a canteen?
The college has a cafeteria which sells restaurant quality food every day.

Does cooking have a proper room?
Once stage two has been completed the college will have three purpose built food technology rooms all well equipped with modern appliances and equipment.

Will I get lost?
You might get lost when you first start, but don’t worry, everything is well signposted, you will be provided with a map and everyone is very helpful.

How many students will be there?
In 2015 we envisage we will have between 100 and 1100 students.

What happens when I do bad things?
Like any school, if rules are broken there are likely to be sanctions imposed. Our philosophy is to ensure that students learn from their mistakes by adopting a positive, restorative approach.

Do they have any sports programs?
We have a variety of sports programs that students can participate in, including rugby, basketball (girls and boys), netball, AFL (girls and boys) and soccer (girls and boys).

What are the new buildings getting built?
The new buildings include a purpose built Arts complex as well as two general teaching areas. The new buildings also include a Lecture Theatre.

How many years will be in it?
With the exception of Building 9 which will be predominantly used by the Year 7 students, students will complete their studies in specialist classrooms in all of the teaching blocks on the campus.

Do we do art?
In your first year of high school (Year 7 and Year 8 in 2015) all students participate in a course called Integrated Arts. In Integrated Arts students study dance, drama, music, media and visual art.

What happens when I do good things?
The college has a number of ways in which the efforts of students are acknowledged and celebrated. We have Student of the Month, 100 Club and a range of other awards which are presented on either a semester or year basis.  Students also have the opportunity to earn Vivo points which they can then use to purchase items from the Vivo Shop.

Do you do inter-school for sports?
We have a range of inter-school sporting teams including swimming, athletics, cross country, rugby, basketball (girls and boys), netball, AFL (girls and boys) and soccer (girls and boys).

Why don’t you have lockers?
At present, the college does not have space nor the resources to provide lockers for all students. We have a variety of strategies in place for students to ensure the safe keeping of their bags and belongings.

Are you allowed your hair down?
No. for health and safety reasons all students with hair longer than shoulder length are required to have their hair tied up.

Where do you go if you get lost on the way to class?
If you get lost you should either approach a teacher or go to Student Services

What time is lunch and recess?
Recess is from 10.49am to 11.09am
Lunch is from 1.13pm to 1.38pm

Are you allowed phones?
Yes, you are allowed to have your phone at school, but there are restrictions around their use.

Do you wear hats?
Yes, students are able to purchase the college cap from the Uniform Shop. We are also looking into having bucket hats available as well.

Can your shoes have some colours?
Shoes must be predominantly black. Minimal markings (like the Nike tick, Adidas stripes) are ok.

Can you dye your hair?
Hair can be dyed as long as it in natural colours such as blonde, black or brown.


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