Education is about all-round development not just learning facts.  Encouraging good behaviour, giving recognition to students when they do well and motivating them to do more is an important element of the education journey. We have therefore improved our reward system by introducing Vivo. Vivo does just that, and is already used at many schools like ours.

The categories that staff can reward students against are as follows;


  • Maintaining 100% attendance for the week, term, semester etc.


  • Completing homework
  • Being prepared for lessons
  • Using AVID Binder to organise curriculum resources
  • Using Diary
  • Managing deadlines


  • Making positive contribution to class/college community
  • Services to others
  • Extra-curricular activity
  • College representation


  • Achieving your best
  • Responsible attitude to learning
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for others
  • Behaviour that promotes sustainability


  • Trying really hard to improve performance and/or achievement at school


  • Achieving 75% or more in a class assessment
  • Achieving 75% or more in a test/exam


Students also receive Vivo points when they achieve a significant academic award. Vivo enables us to provide points, or Vs, to reward positive behaviour. Students can save up their Vs in a personal account and exchange them for a range of items through our on-line ‘shop’.  We are keen to expand the offerings in the Vivo shop, so if you or your business is able to assist please contact the school.  We have already had some terrific prizes donated by our local community including a training session with Fremantle Dockers pocket rocket and local resident, Hayden Ballantyne.  Ace Cinemas has donated also donated five double passes.

Vivo allows us to be more explicit and consistent in the way we recognise the efforts of our students and support their needs more effectively. Students get early experience of choosing how much to ‘spend’ or save and it’s their decision what to do with their Vs.

Importantly, Vivo gives parents the opportunity to see the progress their child is making and to celebrate, with us, their successes.  Celebrating their successes is a big contribution to building your child’s desire to learn. We hope and encourage you to join in the celebration.



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