The Arts: Years 7 to 10

The five Arts subjects in the Australian Curriculum are Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Arts; and students at Baldivis Secondary College have the opportunity to study in all of these contexts.

As students move into adolescence, they undergo a range of important physical, cognitive, emotional and social changes. Students often begin to question established conventions, practices and values. Their interests extend well beyond their own communities and they begin to develop concerns about wider issues. Students in this age range increasingly look for and value learning that is perceived to be relevant, is consistent with personal goals, and/or leads to important outcomes. Increasingly they are able to work with more abstract concepts and consider increasingly complex ideas. They are keen to explore the nature of evidence and the contestability of ideas, debating alternative answers and interpretations.

In these years, learning in the Arts enables students to explore and question their own immediate experience and their understanding of the wider world. Learning through and about the Arts enables students to build on their own experiences and dispositions. Students explore and engage with artworks made by others. They make their own artworks drawing on their developing knowledge, understanding and skills.

Students’ understanding of sustainability is progressively developed. They explore how the Arts are used to communicate about sustainability and also learn about sustainability of practices in the Arts.


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                                      The Arts is a learning area that draws together related but distinct art forms