Useful Videos

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority has produced a number of videos for Senior School students which provide useful advice about studying, examination preparation, school-life balance and general advice about coping with the demands of a senior secondary program.  The College also has a Vimeo Channel just for Senior School students will relevant video pieces on a range of topics, including TAFE, Vocational Education and Training etc.


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Useful Videos About Studying and Exams
  • How do you plan your week?
  • How important is it to balance your study with sport, recreation and time with family and friends?
  • What are your secrets to a good study regime?
  • What do you find helpful in preparing for exams?



Useful Videos About Senior School
  • Is there anything your school is doing in particular that is helping you to succeed?
  • Is there anything your parents teachers say that has proved helpful?



Baldivis Secondary College Senior School Vimeo Channel