Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the Baldivis Secondary College website. I hope you find it both interesting and informative. Baldivis Secondary College is a vibrant learning community and the first public secondary school established in the area. We are a proud Independent Public School.  It is founded on the basic principle of respect. Respect underpins each initiative and interaction within our community.  Students and staff are expected to achieve personal excellence in all they do.  Individuals in our community will have every opportunity extended to them to assist them in achieving their full potential. Baldivis Secondary College offers a broad curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum. The programs and initiatives we have established are relevant and meaningful as well as engaging.


Baldivis Secondary College values the essential partnership between students, teachers and parents. Systems and processes have been established to ensure each person is valued and communicated with in a timely manner. The learning environment for our young people is designed to create a sense of belonging and an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

The college facilities are state of the art and designed to provide the best learning environments for students and staff. New and innovative designs and resources allow for dynamic interaction amongst our community members and are established to meet the needs and interests of all. As a new and cutting edge college we have an information technology rich teaching and learning environment.  As great as our facilities are our most important asset is our people. Ranging from our students to the support staff, the teaching staff and the parents we have so much potential, skills, abilities and talents.  Working collaboratively to ensure that each student reaches his or her potential is what we are all about.

The partnerships, staffing, resourcing, facilities, curriculum and programs at Baldivis Secondary College are designed and provided to facilitate each individual performing to the best of their ability and in doing so attain their level of excellence.

I am proud of our college and I trust when you look over our website you get a sense of why.

Alison Parolo, Principal