Year 10 Media Arts (Multimedia)


In Year 10, students are provided with opportunities to explore in more depth the way media work is constructed in different contexts and how it can be used to challenge the values of an audience. They explore past and current media trends on audience use of media.

Students continue to make and respond to their own media productions and professional media work within the selected media type, genre or style studied, using refined media production skills and processes: problem solving, working as a team, or independently; setting and following personal and group timelines; and independently using media equipment safely and responsibly.

Students may focus on Media Fiction (for example, narrative focused video games, celebrities in media fiction, Hollywood or Bollywood films) and Media Non-Fiction (for example, educational programs, wiki site blogs, photographic essays).

Students may work within, or across, the following media: film, television, photography, print media, radio or online media.



Desired prerequisite:  A “C” grade or better in Year 9 Media (Multimedia) and Maths and English.

Minimum prerequisite:  A “C” grade or better in a Year 9 Arts subject and Maths and English.


Students entering Year 10 Media Arts Multimedia can continue into the Year 11 and 12 Certificate II in Creative Industries (Film).