Curriculum K-10

The Western Australian Curriculum encompasses the Australian Curriculum, setting out the knowledge, understandings, skills, values and attitudes that students are expected to acquire. The curriculum has a twenty-first century focus which includes three cross-curriculum priorities and seven general capabilities.

The Western Australian Curriculum comprises:

    1. The Early Years Learning Framework
    2. Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines
    3. Pre-primary to Year 10 Curriculum
    4. Alternative Curriculum Recognition.

Given the phased development of the Australian Curriculum, schools will be teaching some learning areas from the Australian Curriculum supplemented by learning areas described in the former Western Australian Curriculum Framework. As the Australian Curriculum is developed, it will gradually replace the Curriculum Framework in Western Australia.

In Western Australia the Pre-primary to Year 10 Phase 2 and Phase 3 Australian Curriculum which includes Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Business and Economics, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Technologies and Languages will only be implemented once the curriculum is in a form that is suitable for Western Australian schools and the achievement standards, work samples and judging standards support materials are fully developed.