Study Hacks

Dr Jane Genovese is an educator, researcher and life-long learner who has studied the practices of people who are disciplined, highly focused and willing to step outside their comfort zones and take risks when it comes to learning.  To share her wisdom, she established Learning Fundamentals, an organisation that helps students thrive intellectually, mentally and physically.

Here are  Dr Jane’s Top 10 posts to help you enhance your study experience and boost your brain power and focus!
  1. 10 highly effective study strategies to help you ace your tests and exams
  2. How to inject more fun into your studies
  3. Avoiding the compare and despair cycle: Simple ways to boost your confidence and wellbeing
  4. Self care on a budget: 11 free or cheap ways to help you recharge and stay sane
  5. The Tim Tam Philosophy: How to stick at something and not give up
  6. The art of taming negative emotions: 10 ways to feel better
  7. When winging it no longer works: How to have a study breakthrough
  8. Optimise your phone use: 11 simple strategies to reclaim your time, energy and attention
  9. The Power of Doing Practice Exams: How to Do Them and Where to Find Them
  10. Combat procrastination