Course Selection

Goals, dreams, aspirations… the eternal ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ question comes into play in the lead up to Years 11 and 12.   Choosing the right subjects and doing them well should be every student’s aim!  The keys to making positive decisions and having success in the senior secondary years are:

  1. Knowing yourself, including knowing your skills, interests and values.
  2. Having a really good understanding about the courses on offer at Baldivis Secondary College, including prerequisites and course requirements.
  3. Giving yourself every chance to qualify for courses and career pathway/s of your choice.
  4. Aiming to achieve the WA Certificate of Education
  5. Maximising your educational opportunities by always striving to do your very best.
  6. Taking advantage of what the school has to offer in terms of academic and personal support and advice.



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