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The threat posed by COVID-19 has meant that teachers in Australia and around the world are looking for the best ways to continue to support student learning outside the traditional school setting.  Whilst challenging for many, it is also important to remember that there are positives to home-based education – quality education is not always structured, academic or scholastic, and learning occurs in many different contexts. Home life can provide opportunities for students to engage with nature, bond with family, learn civic responsibility, and focus on social health.

It is important to remember that as a parent or caregiver you are not expected to take on the role of teacher for your child. We will be doing our very best to continue the teaching role by preparing learning materials, designing lessons and communication strategies and providing support and pastoral care when and where we can remotely for your child. 

The Remote Learning Support Hub is designed to support parents to support their children to access and engage with the varied learning activities which will be provided to students via Connect by their class teachers.



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