Year 8

From Year 8 onwards students will have some choice in the courses that they study, whilst some courses remain compulsory and need to be taken by everyone. As students make course choices for study each year, they should make sure that they list these in priority order. Our college timetable is built upon the pattern of students’ choices. Once the timetable is complete it is not always possible to make course changes


Compulsory Courses

Health and Physical Education
Humanities and Social Sciences



Elective Courses

In Year 8, all students select two (2) elective courses. 

Students are required to select a minimum of one of the following Technologies courses which they will study for the whole year.

CAD (Computer Assisted Design) Technology
Food Technology
Metal Technology
Systems Technology
Wood Technology


Students may choose an elective Arts Course or elective Physical Education Course as a second elective

Media Arts - Photography and Film
Visual Arts - Art and Craft Combined
Baldivis Cricket Academy


Special Programs

There are two special programs which students may apply for which also run for the year:

Baldivis Film Academy
Instrumental Music